About Us

The equator might seem an unlikely place to find ice and snow, but Tim Jarvis and his team have decided to chase the remaining glaciers and showcase their beauty in a new documentary series. Why? Within just 25 years, scientists estimate that all these glaciers will have completely melted. Some have disappeared in the time taken to plan the project!

With the impacts of climate change now being seen even in the remotest places, the 25zero project aims to highlight the urgency of action, and the enormity of the result of inaction. 25zero has also been lobbying governments about the need to act and is making a documentary about the project due for release in 2017, as well as raising funds to actually do something about it.

At the equator, there are now only 25 mountains with glaciers. Put simply: 25 mountains. Zero latitude. 25 years. Zero ice. 25zero.

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