Carstensz Pyramid

Indonesia | Climbed 30/11/2015
years until
glacier vanishes

Mount Carstensz was named after Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon who first saw the mountain in 1623, although he never reached it and was ridiculed for suggesting there was ice on it at the equator. It is a confusing mountain with three summits – Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya (Victory Peak) 4884m, Sumantri 4870m, and Ngga Pulu 4862m. Ngga Pulu was, for many centuries, the highest mountain in New Guinea and also the highest summit in Oceania/Australia. The elevation of Ngga Pulu in 1936 was about 4907m (16,100ft), and it was the highest and most prominent peak between the Himalaya and the Andes. But due to its summit ice melting as a result of climate change, Ngga Pulu has shrunk by about 50m in the 20th century, so that it is no longer the biggest. Scientists are monitoring warming in Papua and estimate that after being present for perhaps 20,000 years, this last ice at the equator in Asia will be gone sometime between 2020 and 2030.