Barry “Baz” Gray

Carstensz Pyramid, Chimborazo, Illiniza Sur, Antisana

WO2 Barry Gray RSM was until 2016 the Royal Marines’ mountain leader chief instructor, giving him the responsibility for the training of all other mountain leaders as well as the entire UK Tri Service environment (Army, Navy, RAF). In 2010 his team of instructors trained over 2,000 men in cold weather survival and mountaineering.

Having been involved in expeditions to Nepal, the Andes, Swiss/French and Italian Alps and Norway, Baz was also the lead cold-weather expert for the ship HMS Endurance (the UK’s Antarctic patrol vessel) in 2005, gaining extensive experience climbing and mountaineering on South Georgia, Deception Island and many other locations in Antarctica.

Baz was also a member of Tim Jarvis’ Shackleton Epic crew in 2013.