25 Mountains. Zero latitude.
25 Years. Zero Ice.

The glaciers are dying.

25 mountains at the equator (zero latitude) had a glacier at the time of the UNFCCC treaty in 1992. Most of them will be melted completely away within 25 years. This is our last chance to tell their stories.

Hi. I’m Tim Jarvis. The 25zero team and I are making a documentary film about the 25 equatorial mountains that still have glacial ice – it’s an eleventh hour effort to highlight the plight of our planet’s climate crisis, and inspire every person to take local and global action.

Even though significant pollution and carbon emissions happen near cities and industrialised areas, the impacts of climate change are being felt even in the remotest places – like high-altitude mountains at the equator.

The 25zero project aims to highlight the urgency of action, and the enormity of the result of inaction.

Tim Jarvis

On a mountaineering trek across South Georgia in Antarctica, Tim noticed the glaciers weren’t where they should have been. Using historical records from Ernest Shackleton's famous journey in 1916, Tim realised that nearly all the glaciers were 'in retreat', and some of them were in fact now lakes or green fields!
Tim started an international effort to find out if tropical glaciers had suffered the same fate. After climbing three separate peaks, the climbing team beamed in from the top of the mountains into the COP21 conference in Paris.
It turns out that at the time of the UNHCCC agreement in 1992, 25 mountains at the equator (latitude zero plus/minus 5 degrees) had glaciers still on them. Of those 25, two are now completely melted. Extinct. According to published science, the rest are likely to have zero ice within an estimated average of 25 years.
This gave rise to the project 25zero. An effort to raise awareness of the profound impact of climate change in remote areas, even though the pollution comes from thousands of kilometres away in cities and factories.

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25zero is a global project, with global impact. It's going to take everyone's help! Will you help get the message out by hosting a screening of the 25zero documentary? Or perhaps you can help us get to the next mountain top? Every single person is important.

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